Small Business Strong is a non-profit organization empowered to help women and minority owned small businesses navigate the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. We recognize that our 650,000 Massachusetts small businesses are the lifeblood of our communities and we have set out to provide best-in-class support where it’s needed most. Small Business Strong provides expedited, pro-bono resources to small businesses ranging from access to capital to consulting, business restructuring, business growth, digital marketing and customer engagement plans. You don’t need to work through these hard times alone, contact us today.




Massachusetts women and minority owned small business owners can participate by engaging in one or more of the core elements of Small Business Strong, all free of charge with no strings attached:

1. An online portal

 with curated content and resources for small businesses

2. Business Advisors

who will initially consult with small businesses (SMBs) to understand the impact of COVID-19 and provide general guidance and resources

3. Functional Specialists

who who will provide more specialized support and deliverables backed by years of experience

Speak with an Advisor

If the help you need is not available on our online portal, click 'Consult an Advisor', complete the form, and an Advisor will be in touch with the free support you need

We are working together

Small Business Strong was born in the spring of 2020 when public and private community partners saw the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic across Massachusetts. Over 17 organizations compiled of over 100 individuals quickly joined together with a common mission: to stand together in actionable support of small businesses in dire need of resources – the most critically effected: women and minority owned. As your peers, friends, and supporters, we passionately provide the expertise you need not only because it is the right thing to do, but because it’s a part of the moral framework of who we are in Boston and across the Commonwealth. We believe in the entrepreneurial spirit of Massachusetts and we know we can ignite commercial progress when we work together. There will be no going back, only forward together in this new world and we want to ensure that your business is a critical part of it.